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Building the Future of Health

Our Beginning

From our beginning, GuideWell and its family of companies have believed that good health goes beyond just health care.

Having a quality insurance plan and being able to pay for quality medical care was a great start. But as the importance of preventive health care evolved, we became more aware that achieving better health meant addressing all aspects of someone’s health. This meant including a healthy lifestyle in addition to consistently receiving the right physical and mental health care.

GuideWell saw that there was a need for new information, new alternatives, new kinds of services and new ways of providing services.

Where We Are Today

GuideWell has built a new world of health and health care resources — collaborating with like-minded, forward-thinking companies, and creating a broad range of health-related products and services.

We believe good health should be easy to access and easy to manage. That means creating a seamless experience — from providing a comfortable environment to answering questions in person to building a comprehensive network of caregivers online. We are always looking for new ways to connect people to the right tools and resources they need, however and whenever they need it.

Our Vision for Tomorrow

The changing world of health care gives people control, responsibility and more choice — but many have less confidence in what to do next. Health is personal and everyone’s needs are different. People are looking for a complete solution that is simple, addresses all their concerns and fits their lifestyle.  

We strive to make every part of the health field work harder for people. Our relationships with the medical community foster creative thinking, and advance science and technology to positively impact health. We build and invest in care delivery models that cut costs and maintain quality care.

We are leading the health revolution. Always pushing to improve and optimize the health system for better outcomes — today and tomorrow.

GuideWell at a Glance

  • We started in Jacksonville in 1944, offering affordable health plans to Floridians
  • In 2014, GuideWell was introduced as a not-for-profit mutual holding corporation with a family of companies offering a range of health solutions to businesses and consumers
  • Today, we have multiple companies that include Florida Blue, GuideWell Health, GuideWell Source, PopHealthCare and WebTPA
  • Currently, we reach more than 27 million health care consumers across 34 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • We are proud to employ more than 18,000 people across the nation
GuideWell campus buildings
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